Up Micro Loans
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Stiftung "Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" (SHSh) is a German based non-profit foundation which has been established in 2000. Since then its main focus has been on its microfinance program "UP Micro Loans" (UP=Unlimiting People). The foundation also supports other non-profit organizations through donations for their projects in the field of humanitarian aid, development cooperation, education, human rights as well as local development in Berlin and Munich.

SHSh is based on the belief that poverty is a phenomenon with several dimensions, with monetary factors being only one of them. People being exposed to low income very often face associated problems such as insufficient access to basic health care, education, sanitation, water and clean energy as well as limited ability to participate in social, political, legal and financial actions. SHSh assists in overcoming these problems by empowering people and supporting pathways to sustainable development.