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The Partner NGO

A competent NGO with an appropriate project should specify in detail each of the following:
  1. The NGO is locally established. (Describe staff; size and years of operations; two responsible persons in the NGO; status; etc. Designate at least two references to be contacted who are not part of the NGO but know it well.)
  2. The NGO has a track record with its own projects. (Describe content, size, and time period of projects. Identify projects comparable to the projects to be proposed to . Identify projects for which the same people were responsible in the same NGO or in another capacity.)
  3. The NGO runs (or is about to start) a specific project that can supplement or enhance by funding of micro-loans. (Describe the project and how micro-loans would fit into it.)
  4. The NGO assures impartial and equal treatment for all applicant borrowers. (Show equal-treatment commitment by charter and by practice.)
  5. The NGO is financially responsible and knows how to budget and how to control a budget. (Illustrate by examples, track record, etc.)
  6. The NGO is committed to pursue the project beyond the maturity of the micro-loans. (Specify timing aspects.)
  7. The NGO is interested in repeating, continuing, and developing the relationship with in follow-up projects. ( would normally discontinue sponsoring the least successful NGO from among its NGO partners. Success is not measured primarily in simple repayment rates but in achieving all budget and project objectives.)
The micro-borrowers and thank our NGO partners and the people out there in the villages, cities and regions, whose dedication, discipline and energy are the basis for 's and our borrowers' success in the past and for our great hopes for continued successof many more borrowers in the future.