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Project: PHUKHUONG-Credit-Viet-08
Organization: tdh
Country / region: Vietnam / Bentre
Term: March 2008 - June 2011
Amount of loan: 5,000 EUR
Borrowers: 60
supported on a regular basis by Dr. König since 2005
Project Description:
Bentre is a region situated in the delta of the Mekong and cut off from other provinces and from the capital; there are no local or foreign investments, and only little industry. It is a region contaminated by "agent orange" - a remnant from the Vietnam War.The population lives from agriculture (rice harvest only once a year, salinisation of the soil); There is generally a lack of land.
The average yearly income per capita: 191 Euro;
60 families get credits for small businesses; for the buying and selling of used goods for recycling-projects;
Selection of borrowers by the women's association who carries out 5 programmes:
  • Motivation and raising consciousness
  • Measures to raise income and professional training
  • Health and family planning
  • Extension of membership and strengthening of the organization
  • "Watchdog function" concerning laws for women and children, thus strengthening the consciousness regarding these questions
60 to 100 families raise their income by 200.000 Dong per month.
Usurious credits can thus be reduced.
Group credits are used as revolving funds.
Compulsory training in credit managing and accounting twice a year.