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Project: Bentre-Credit-Viet-08
Organization: tdh
Country / region: Vietnam / Long Thoi, Phu Le, Phu Son
Term: March 2008 - June 2011
Amount of loan: 100,000 EUR
Borrowers: 69 families

Project Description:
Bentre is a province in the Mekong-Delta and has as natural borders the branches of the Mekong River and the south Chinese Sea. It comprises three main islands. As the region is very isolated, economy develops only very slowly. Most people therefore still live from agriculture. In our target area, the community Tan Phu, traditionally 90% of the population lives from horticulture. They plant fruit trees or grow seedlings. As the price for fruit (mango, guava, tangerine etc.) is not very high, the income of the farmers is accordingly low, but sufficient to cover their basic needs and send their children to school.
In December 2006 the typhoon "Durian" destroyed huge parts of the region. Apart from houses, fruit trees and seedlings were destroyed and people lost their source of income. In spite of measures taken by the government many children had to leave school, and more and more adults are looking for jobs away from home.
The aim of our project is to help 69 families to raise their income by 200,000 Dong per month. After a period of three years 110 families shall receive help. By raising their income it will be guaranteed that no child will have to leave school because of economic difficulties.
The credits are to be used for growing seedlings and for tending damaged trees. The program implies the forming of groups with ten to fifteen women, which meet once per month to exchange their experiences. One selected group manager is to be trained in credit management, the remaining women of a group get five trainings, especially in the field of horticulture.